General Settings

  How to change Login Settings? #

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  • Normal settings

 You can change the password by clicking the Change Password button

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To change the password you have to enter your previous password, then the new password (the new password must consist of 8 digits composed of one upper case, one lowercase letter, one number and a special character.) then confirm the new password by re-entering it in the confirm password field and click Submit to proceed.

  • WP settings

You can change the WP path from this window

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Then press Update to save changes.

 How to change QR Settings? #

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You can customize your QR from here, you can provide a logo that you want to be inside a QR code

Note: Please avoid black and white images for better results.

You can only upload .JPEG file as a QR logo. 

You can also customize the size of the QR by adjusting the height and width fields provided (200 x 200 recommended.)

To adjust the logo placement inside the QR you can adjust the Position X, and Position Y fields, by default the logo will be placed in the center of the QR (the recommended values of Position X and Position Y are 2.30 and 2.50 respectively.)

To enable the direct vcard QR option in Create QR page you need to enable the direct vcard option.

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It will look like this.

Press the Update button to save the changes you made.

  How to Change Language Settings? #

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  • Change Language

          You can change the language by choosing the language available in the select box provided

  • Upload A New Language

           You can upload a new language file, to upload you must provide the language name and the language file, and press the Upload button to upload the new file.

Note:    The new language file must be a .json file.

               The new language that you uploaded will be set as the default language.

  How to Setup SMTP Settings? #

To use email services for forgot password you must configure SMTP settings by filling all fields in the form.

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press update to confirm the changes.

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