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V-QRS Add-On : Custom Page Creator #

You can create custom user defined pages from the V-QRS apllication. The custom page URL shall be under your V-QRS domain.

Getting Started: #

If you purchased the Custom page Add-On your side menu will have a icon like this ,

By clicking that you will be redirected to Custom page add-on window.

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You can create your own page or upload a existing template, while uploading template make sure that you are uploading a template for a single page.

Please make sure that your zip file only contain html and CSS files, if your page uses Javascript you can write them in your <script> tag  or if your page needs multiple CSS files make sure to combine it to a single page.

Creating Page : #

You can go to Create page window by clicking Create Page menu from the tree like structure.

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Provide a page name this will be used as page title, An available URL for page will be suggested.

Click on the icon for editing in fullscreen.

The image below is a demonstration of how we can create a simple static web pages using this feature. Here we have a three texts with different font size, text colour and font family.

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Viewing Saved Pages : #

Type the URL from URL slug field in your browser address bar.

This how our page will look like in browser 

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Other methods to get saved page URL : #
  1. By viewing page details in Your Pages window.
  2. By scanning QR code generated for each custom page you create. You can get the QR code by clicking QR code icon next to page details card on Your Pages window.
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Uploading Template : #

Click Upload Page button to go to Upload Page window.

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You can view preview of uploaded template after successful uploading.

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