Some frequently asked questions concerning V-QRS and the responses to those questions.

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The V-QRS solution is made up of two main sections - A mobile app and a backend application.
The backend application generates QR codes, manages users, generates scan results, manages licenses, and other functions. A Smartphone application is used to complete NFC writing.
You can select the right plan based on the size of your company. If only people with the primary designation require business cards, simply select the plans based on that amount.
A plan can be changed at any time. The plans employ a prorated pricing calculation method. As a result, there will be no financial implications.
Rather than using the pre-defined format, you may customize the digital business card template using the template editor to reflect your company's brand image.
The V-QRS team designs business card templates based on your demands while keeping brand identity in mind. The 5-hour package costs $100 USD.
Changes regarding the application will be notified to the email address associated with the application.
Users must manually backup their server's database and files. We will provide documentation about backup.
We do not have the ability to delete users. Clients have the option to disable employees at any time. The disabled user can be edited and a new user can use that id, while there is no change in the QR Code. (NOTE – when the employee is edited with direct Vcard, the QR code will change.)