About V-QRS

An Indian startup called Vaales Technologies has developed a digital business card solution called V-QRS. V-QRS is a solution to the most common problems that people confront in business meetings.

Stand out with V-QRS

The new era of business cards

Many people have difficulties carrying printed business cards. It will need a significant percentage of the wallet. If it is stored in the car, it is often neglected to be taken in a hurry.

The second challenge is that many of the digits on the card are difficult to read. Adding it to your phone's contact list is a lengthy and complicated procedure, too.
The expense of designing and printing is another issue. Even a little modification may make the card worthless since it can only retain a limited amount of information and cannot be kept up to date.

Dynamic form

Say goodbye to the unwanted fields you have to fill, You are free to customize the form for employee.


Efficient dashbord that one can easily monitor and keep track of the business activity.

Mail service

V-QRS has an effective mailing service that you will be notified when your action is required.


V-QRS provides you with detail invoice of your all purchases.

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A significant step forward in technology

Your company becomes the most innovative. Specifically, you may track leads and contacts. Your QR codes on your domain.

  • Create Contactless Business Cards.

    V-QRS is a software application that lets any company create digital business cards. This system consists of a mobile app and an online dashboard. V-QRS enables the creation of QR codes and NFC systems.

  • How do you know how many people will contact you?

    You may believe that every business card you distribute will result in a lead. But did you know that many of them sleep unnoticed in garbage cans and vacant table corners? If you utilize the V -QRS solution, you will know how many hearts you have won.

  • V-QRS is not a free service!!

    Several websites provide free online digital business card design services and generate income through your data. V-QRS does not use your data to generate income in any form. The server used for managing it will be under your control.
    V-QRS is a digital solution for business cards and one of the many solutions provided by VAALES Technologies. The V-QRS licenses are available for purchase through an annual subscription plan.

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    Three Aspects of V-QRS

    You may develop and manage digital business cards according to your specifications using the V-QRS backend application. The data is immediately saved on your server. The V-QRS system includes three components Dynamic QR Codes, Static QR Codes, and NFC.

    Dynamic QR Code

    A dynamic QR code has a URL that can be changed. The QR code contains a Short URL, which seamlessly redirects the user to the desired site. A dynamic QR code's destination may be updated at any moment and as frequently as you like - even if your marketing materials have already been produced. This saves money, time, and allows you to adapt to changes in the campaign as soon as feasible.

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    Static QR Code

    The destination URL of a Static QR code is fixed. Static QR codes provide fixed information. The destination/data is directly recorded in the QR Code image (hence QR codes get larger and form a more complex pattern if there is more data to store). Therefore the stored destination/data cannot be modified and any typo in the printed QR code cannot be corrected.

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    Near Field Communication (NFC)

    Thanks to near field communication (NFC) technology, users may share digital files, link electronic devices with a touch, and make safe transactions.
    NFC signals have a limited range (a few millimetres) and need close proximity between the devices.


    V-QRS Features

    V-QRS is a digital business card solution that is completely configurable. Let's have a look at the most important aspects.


    Data Security

    Dynamic QR Code



    365 Day Support

    Eco Friendly

    Mobile Application

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